Xgn66-12 3.6kv 7.2kv 11kv High Voltage Ring Main Unit Indoor Fixed Type Switchgear Panelboard

Item No.: 00219
mainly break:vacuum load break switch
incoming panel ,measure kwh panel ,current transformer panel, outgoing panel
rated current : 630A
Rated voltage : 2kv
XGN66-12 box type fixed(indoor) AC metal enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is a new generation high voltage electrical complete set This switchgear compliance with standard , IEC298 << Rated voltage between 1KV and 52KV AC metal closed switchgear and controlgear >>,DL/T404 <> This switchgear adopts advanced technology , the advantage is small volume , only 50% as the general switchgear , The circuit breaker have the features of high reliable , good performance, linkage institutions are reliable, simple structure . Scope of application This switchgear suitable for the 3.6 ~ 12KV three phase AC 50Hz , is single segment busbar indoor complete set , used for the power accept and distribution , and control, protection, and monitoring the circuit . Suitable for various types of power plants, substations and industrial and mining enterprises , high-rise building places , also combined with the ring net cabinet apply to switching station . Regular Working Conditions Ambient temperature : -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ Altitude : not above 1000m Relative humidity : Daily average not exceed 95% , Monthly average not exceed 90% Seismic intensity : No more than 8 degrees The installation environment shall be without obvious filth, no explosive or corrosive gas and dust The installation site shall be free of violent shock. Remarks: if not conform the above conditions , User should negotiate with the manufacturer .
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