TBBX 12KV power factor correction device capacitor bank europe substation transformer

Item No.: 00220
High voltage power capacitor bank
12KV 600kvar-2000kvar choose
supply reactive power for induction load

TBBX 12KV 1600kvar Medium Voltage Reactive Compensation Electric Distribution Cabinet substation power transformer 
1.match for mainly transmission high voltage power transformer ,supply reactive power 
2. let power transformer only supply active power , improve power quality  
high voltage fiexd reactive compensation complete set/ deviceswitchgear panel(hereinafter referred to as the device) is suitable for 6-35kV AC power system with frequency of 50Hz. It is mainly used in power system to adjust bus voltage and reactive power, improve power factor, improve voltage quality and reduce network loss.

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Main technical performance index

1.Capacitance deviation

1.1The difference between the actual capacitance and the rated capacitance of the device is within the range of 0- +5% of the rated capacitance. The standard is higher than other factories

1.2The ratio of the maximum to the mini capacitance between any two line terminals of the device shall not exceed 1.02.

2.Inductance deviation

2.1Under rated current, the allowable deviation of reactance value is 0~+5%.2.2The reactance value of each phase shall not exceed ± 2% of the average value of three phases

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