JKCS-0.48-20KVAR-3 Intelligent Harmonic Power Capacitor

Smart Low voltage power capacitor
Metallized Polypropylene Film.
Self-healing Type.
Low Loss.
High Reliability.
Built in Safety Device.
JKCS-0.48-20KVAR-3 Intelligent Harmonic Power Capacitor 
The intelligent capacitor are modular in design, consists of intelligent measurement and control unit(s), zero-crossing switching circuit, line protective unit(s) and low-voltage power capacitor(s).It adopts the upper-and-lower split type modular structure, and the upper part consists of intelligent measurement and control unit(s), switch unit(s) and protective unit(s), while the lower part consists of two ( △ type) or one (Y type) low-voltage power capacitor. There is three-phase compensation and single-phase compensation, thus the product can be used alone or in the compensation system consisting of more products

Power source
● Working voltage
    Three phase : 380VAC ±15% Single phase : 220VAC ± 15% 
    It is allowed long-term operating under 1.1 times rated voltage
● Rated frequency:50Hz ± 5%
● Voltage deviation: ± 20%
● Power consumption: <2W
● Voltage waveforms:Sine wave, Total voltage sine wave distortion rate not more than 5%. Current waveforms: Current harmonics not
more than 15%
● Interval of capacitor switching: ≤0s~180s(It can be set)
Measurement accuracy
● Voltage:  ≤±0.2%
● Current: ≤0.5%
● Temperature: ±1℃
● Power factor: ±1%
● Times: ±0.1s
● Undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection
● Overcurrent protection, undercurrent protection
● Lack-Phase Protection
● Over-temperature protection
● Harmonic protection
Operating conditions ● Ambient temperature: -25℃~45℃ (Except special order products)
● Altitude: ≤2000m
● Pollution grade: Ⅲ
● Relative humidity: 20%~90%40℃
Times of switching of capacitor More than one million times(on load)
Power consumption Standby ≤ 4VA (Icd)
Control accuracy 100%
Annual failure rate ≤0.1%
Communication method  RS485
Feature ●Intelligent network; ●Three-Phase Unbalance protection ●Auto malfunction inspection ●Single-phase compensation, Three-phase compensation ●Zero-crossing switched, Relays mechanically switching ; ●Small volume, Standardization, Modularized, structure; ●Maintenance convenient; ●Safety and reliable.

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