Fkn12A Indoor AC High Voltage Load Break Switch with Fuse

Item No.: 00212
high-voltage load switch is a switchgear in the power distribution system that can close, carry and open currents and pass short-circuit currents, and is a type of splitting switch with special arc-extinguishing contacts, arc-extinguishing devices

FKN12A-12D 12KV Indoor High Voltage Load Break Switch

Main purpose
FKN12A-12DCompressed air load switch, FKRN12A-12D series of compressed air load switch - fuse for 12kV and below three-phase power distribution system, as transformers, cables, overhead lines and other electrical equipment, control and protection purposes; especially suitable for urban and rural power network terminal substation and box-Model substation. And applies to ring, dual power supply unit of radiation control and protection.
FKN12A-12DSeries pressuring gas division and the load current load switch and overload currents.
FKRN12A-12D series of compressed air load switch - fuse to division and load current, overload current, short-circuit breaking current.

Use of environmental conditions

Ambient air temperature    Limit +40°C  Lower -25°C
Above sea level1000m.
Relative humidity: daily average is less than 95%, on average less than 90%;

Seismic intensity of not more than 8 degrees;

No fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and severe vibration in the workplace; 
Contamination level:II.

Structural characteristics

Load switch, grounding switch, fuse and institutions in a framework, it can be flexibly combined, compact structure, small size and ease of installing;
Fracture for the direct-acting Model layout, dynamic and thermal parameters of high current, one-time to complete the operation;
Static contact with insulation cover, so that the structure of ring counters implemented in isolation, eliminating the white insulated partition, fracture insulation flapper to prevent cabinet arc short circuit;
 The valve has a unique structure, the load switches gate, the door automatically isolate the fracture, protective and good;
Load switches and earthing switches, fuses reliable mechanical lock between the devices meet the "Five Anti" requirements;
 With manual operation and the operation of AC and DC electric power operations in two forms, easy to implement power system of the "three remote" requirements.

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