4P 100A-1600A HGLZ Lv Manuel Generator Transfer Disconnector Switch

Item No.: 00150
manual transfer switch for generator
1.crruent reach 1600A
2.can provide matching iron box
3. copper T2 material
4. Flame retardant V0

HGLZ1 Manual Transfer Switch

HGLZ1 manual transfer switch rated voltage 415V, the maximum current of 1600A, for two low-voltage circuit switching or two load equipment conversion or security isolation.
Operation is divided into cabinet operation and cabinet operation of two, according to the need to be equipped with two sets of auxiliary contacts.

Optional Indoor Operation Or Outdoor Operation

Modular design

The terminal is Copper T3

Flame retardant V0 grade plastic

Observation window on the front

Avoid erroneous operations

Conventional current 160 250 400 630 1600
Rated current   In(A) 100A TO 160A 160A TO 250A 250A TO 400A 400A TO 630A 630A TO 1600A
Rated insulation   voltage Ui (V) 690V 690V 690V 690V 690V
DielectrConventional currentc strength   (V) 5000V
Rated surge-resistant voltage Uimp KV 6

Rated working   current

(AC380 AC-21)

160 250 400 630 1600

Rated working   current

(AC660 AC-21)

160 250 400 630 1600

Low voltage ac isolator switch live working should be monitored by special personnel. Use tools with insulated handles, stand on dry insulation during work, wear insulated gloves and helmets, wear long-sleeved clothes, and use trowels, metal rulers and metal wool. Brush, donkey and other tools.

When working on the low-voltage strip line that is erected on the high and low voltages, check the distance from the high-voltage line and take measures to prevent accidental contact with high-voltage live equipment.

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