0.6second I-II 4P 160-3200A Automatic transfer switch Grid power to Generator

Item No.: 00120
Automatic transferswitch 4P
Dual power switch. PC level,
Switch less than 0.6s-1.2s
100A motor type 160-3200A switchgear
What dual power automatic transfer switch?
Dual-power automatic transfer switch is microprocessor, which is used to start and switch between grid power and grid power or between grid power and generator power supply in power grid system. It can supply power continuously. Series of dual power supply, when the common use of sudden failure or power outage, through the dual power automatic transfer switch, automatically put into the standby power supply (under small load standby power supply can also be supplied by generators), so that the equipment can still operate normally. The most common are elevators, fire protection, monitoring, lighting and so on.
When the generator set is used as emergency lighting power supply, the start-up time and power conversion time of the generator should not exceed 15s. Double power automatic switching switch should choose "city power - generator conversion" special type.

Dual-power automatic transfer switch has the functions of short circuit and overload protection, over-voltage, under-voltage, phase-gap automatic conversion and intelligent alarm, automatic conversion parameters can be set freely outside, and intelligent protection of operating motor. When the fire control center gives a control signal to the intelligent controller, two circuit breakers enter the sub-unit. In the gate state, the computer network interface is reserved for the realization of remote control, remote adjustment, remote communication, remote measurement and other four remote functions.
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